Luxury bike hotels: rest in luxury after a long ride

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luxury bike hotels
What are luxury bike hotels? What characteristics must they have to be called such? Find out with Bikeit in this article.


If you lovebike touring, we’ll let you in on a secret to make your holiday a real pleasure: luxury bike hotels!

Travelling by bike involves a lot of effort and sweat! Therefore, getting a good night’s sleep and rest are essential aspects of a successful cycling holiday.

Securing a good night’s accommodation in a bike hotel after a long ride will ensure that you are ready to jump on the saddle the next day and head off to your next destination!

Exactly! Along the way, you can choose to stop at wonderful bike-friendly establishments that offer everything you need.

Luxury bike hotels: what are they and what differentiates them from normal bike hotels?

What are the characteristics that make a bike hotel luxurious?

Now we will find out together, but first let’s take a step back and start by understanding what a bike hotel is.

A bike hotel is an accommodation that specialises in accommodating cyclists and meeting their needs. This means having services that can really support people on two wheels.

The minimum requirements for a Bike Hotel are:

  • proximity to a cycling route or cycle path
  • availability of a bike room that provides a place to park your bike and the minimum equipment for maintenance
  • Hotel staff qualifiedto give advice and information on itinerary and what to visit

Luxury bike hotels offer more than this!

Let’s take a look at the characteristics that differentiate a normal bike hotel from a luxury one:

6 features that should never be missing from luxury bike hotels

First of all, to be defined as ‘luxury’, the hotel must have 4 to 5 stars or must be a historic and characteristic structure.

Although this is a minimum requirement, it is certainly not enough to make a hotel a Luxury Bike Hotel.

What is a must in a bike-friendly luxury hotel?

1. A spa and the possibility of booking decontracting massages

contract massage in a spa of a luxury bike hotel

The dream of anyone returning to the hotel after a day of long cycling is surely to enjoy a well-deserved rest with a spa and perhaps a good, relaxing massage.

A real pampering that you can quickly get used to if you decide to stay in a luxury bike hotel.

Relaxation and a wellbeing break will help you relax your tired muscles and give you the right charge and energy to get back on the bike for the next stage!

2. A bike room with equipment suitable for bike maintenance

bike room of a luxury bike hotel

You cannot call it a real bike hotel if there is no bike room.

The perfect bike room must be accessible to cyclists only and preferably also have video surveillance.

There should also be a small workshop where you can service and repair your vehicle, from washing and inflating to repairing larger technical problems such as breakdowns and punctures.

It will also have to guarantee charging for those carrying an e-bike.

3. A fast laundry service for technical clothing

fast laundry service for technical clothing

After a long day’s cycling, in sunshine or rain (hopefully not!), you will certainly need to wash your technical clothing quickly.

A luxury bike hotel ensures that you will always have fresh, clean clothing so that you can tackle the next stage in the best possible condition!

4. A rental service for all types of bicycles (also external)

bike hire in a luxury bike hotel

A self-respecting bike hotel will always ensure that you can rent any type of bicycle you need.

A luxury bike hotel makes sure that you are never left ‘stranded’ and that even minor mishaps with your bike can be promptly resolved with a new one, ready for use.

And that’s not all… you can also rent GPS devices, helmets and any protective gear you need to ensure you have everything you need for your cycling adventure.

5. The availability of guides or gpx tracks

guides and gpx tracks for cycling routes

A very important service, which should not be underestimated, is certainly the possibility of having guides and gpx tracks available so that you can explore your cycling route to the full.

The guides must be specialised in cycling and cycle tourism and will be able to clarify all your doubts and advise you on the best route (from the bike itself to the itinerary, detours and excursions).

In addition, thanks to the maps and gpx tracks provided by the hotel, you can explore the area on your own or make a last-minute change of plan.

6. Flexibility to create cyclist-friendly breakfast, snack or dinner menus

breakfast in a luxury bike hotel

Last but certainly not least: cyclist-friendly meals!

The needs of a traveller on two wheels are very specific!

Often it is a matter of eating breakfast very early in the morning in order to be able to leave for the next stage in the cooler hours of the morning.

On long stretches without refreshments, it will also be important to take a bag lunch provided by the hotel.

And when you arrive at the hotel after a long day of intense sport, you need an energetic and protein-packed dinner, preferably a large one.

These are the features that, in our opinion of Bikeit, are essential for a luxury bike hotel that can guarantee you a top bike trip.

But how to choose the perfect hotels for you along your route?

That’s our solution!

Customise your trip with the best luxury bike hotels on Bikeit

Thanks to Bikeit you can organise your dream holiday on two wheels, choosing the best luxury bike hotels available.

Customise your holiday in every detail! Choose your route, the stages, the best bike hotels and experiences along the way. All on one platform!

A few clicks and your cycling holiday will be perfect!

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