Salento Bike Tour: cycling on the seas of Salento

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Salento Bike Tour
The Salento by bike is one of the tours you must do at least once in your life if you love cycling. We explain why!


Breathtaking views, crystal-clear waters, pristine beaches, unique historic centres and unrivalled local cuisine: that’s what the Salento Bike Tour has in store for you!

This itinerary is a perfect loop that starts and ends in Lecce, for a trip suitable for everyone!

If you are new to cycle touring, the Salento ring is definitely the right adventure to take.

Discover Salento by bike with Bikeit

Discovering the seas of Salento by bike

The Salento bike tour is an extraordinary gravel route that will give you the chance to discover the most beautiful beaches in southern Italy.

Salento is a land of inestimable treasures, surrounded by waters of varied colours: from turquoise to blue, from deep blue to emerald green.

The crystal-clear water of a dreamlike sea, imposing rocky cliffs, wild inlets, long white beaches and natural rock pools: these are the evocative and exciting images that will flow to you along the Salento coastline, as you ride along accompanied by the wind and the colours of the sun’s rays.

Cycling around Salento with Bikeit

This beautiful route of around 200 km in total is suitable for everyone, given its medium-easy level and a total altitude difference of less than 700 m.

The journey begins in Lecce and following a circular route will lead you, after cycling along the coast among centuries-old olive trees and a few too many sea baths, to the same starting point, Lecce.

Each stage involves a distance of about 50 km per day.

The route is mostly flat, with short hilly sections, and its roads are almost entirely paved, making it ideal for less experienced cyclists.

On routes like this, on secondary roads with little traffic, beauty of the landscape and safety on the bike travel side by side in perfect synchrony. We therefore advise you to make a few small detours!

Salento Bici Tour: what to see along the route?

The things to see and visit, if you decide to embark on this wonderful Salento Bike Tour adventure, are many and all unmissable.

The list would be very long, but we recommend five fantastic places that you absolutely cannot miss along the way:

1. Maldive del Salento – Marina di Pescoluse

Maldive del Salento, Marina di Pescoluse
Maldive del Salento, Marina di Pescoluse

Right here in Salento, at the very tip of the heel of Italy where the waters of two beautiful seas meet, you will be captivated by the beauty of the landscape and the clarity of the colours.

A beach of fine white sand, shallow waters, particularly clear waters that smell of saltiness, sand dunes, acacia and tamarisk trees, a wide horizon where you can admire endless red sunsets.

Look no further for the Maldives, they are in Salento just a stone’s throw from Santa Maria di Leuca!

2. Castro

Castro Marina, Salento 5-Day Bike Tour
Port of Castro Marina

Along the eastern coast of the Salento peninsula we find Castro, which rises along the coast and is famous for its crystal-clear sea and natural caves. A quaint seaside town situated within a bay, Castro is less well known, compared to other Apulian towns, but very deserving.

Castro is divided into two areas: Castro Alta, situated on a hill that houses the historical centre of the town and the castle from which it takes its name, and Castro Marina where there are beaches set in the rocks and the characteristic and charming harbour.

3. Porto Miggiano – Santa Cesarea Terme

Porto Miggiano, Santa Cesarea Terme
Porto Miggiano, Santa Cesarea Terme

The bay of Porto Miggiano, not well known to tourists, is a real ‘magic place’ not to be missed on your journey of discovery of Salento by bike.

It is a rocky cove with a sandy bottom, located inside a U-shaped inlet literally dropping sheer into the sea. This particular conformation makes Porto Miggiano one of the most spectacular beaches in Apulia, where the natural play of light and colour crowns this enchanting landscape.

This strip of coastline, sheltered from the winds, with its transparent seabed and turquoise sea, is the ideal place for snorkelling. In addition, here you can also see beautiful stacks and prehistoric caves such as the Romanelli cave.

The bay of Porto Miggiano is also known as the beach of the 100 steps, due to the number of steps one has to descend to reach the beach.

4. Faraglioni di Sant’Andrea – Melendugno

Faraglioni di Sant’Andrea - Melendugno
Faraglioni di Sant’Andrea – Melendugno

The Faraglioni di Sant’Andrea in Apulia are a true work of art created by nature: the powerful force of wind and water has sculpted a stretch of coastline of exceptional beauty!

The high cliffs plunge steeply into the sea, concealing ravines and caves. A few metres away, gigantic limestone formations in the shape of arches and towers emerge from the crystal-clear water.

Whether you have a few minutes or more time on your hands, the Faraglioni di Sant’Andrea are a must-see if you are cycling around Salento!

5. Cave of Poetry – Roca Vecchia

Cave of Poetry, Roca Vecchia
Cave of Poetry, Roca Vecchia

There are places in the world capable of arousing great emotions, paradises of incomparable beauty: one of these is the Grotta della Poesia in Salento, one of the most beautiful natural pools in the world, endowed with a bewitching charm, rich in stories and legends.

Located in the municipality of Roca Vecchia, a hamlet of Melendugno, the Grotta della Poesia is a real jewel that can be reached by bike on your trip to Salento.

Salento by bike: some useful tips

The Salento is a marvellous land of natural landscapes, culture, food, and cycling through it is an experience more unique than rare.

This cycling route is suitable for everyone, but is not very suitable in the high season, due to the heat and the high crowds.

It is a moderate traffic route in the low season, but in the high season, given the car-sharing traffic, traffic becomes heavy, especially when entering and leaving cities.

To fully enjoy this adventure, we recommend taking a dip in the fantastic coves you will encounter, savouring the local food and wine in the many masserias and agritourisms, and making a few pit stops in the countryside in the shade of the olive trees and pine forests that characterise the entire landscape.

To fully enjoy the landscape and to be able to embark on this journey even in the hottest weather, we recommend that you forget your luggage! We suggest you customise your trip with the luggage transport service selectable at the time of purchase.

Salento Bici Tour: customise and book your trip online on Bikeit

Take the Salento Bike Tour and be captivated by the white stone of Lecce, the golden beaches of Gallipoli and the crystal-clear waters of the Maldives of Salento. Ride with your faithful two-wheeler to the southernmost point of the boot and enjoy unique landscapes and great food.

Book your trip on Bikeit now, customise it in every detail and set off to discover Salento!

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